Art Gallery

All of these pieces are released under a CC NC-SA license. This means that you can use and distribute them whenever, wherever, however. Under two conditions:

  1. NC: You may not profit off of this work. If you want to discuss specific exceptions for charity and activism, contact me at
  2. SA: Any adaptations must be shared under the same terms as the original.

This does not require you to credit me, but I would appreciate it. ;)

Image description: A grey, mundane environment. It is a grid made up of high-rise buildings and identical suburban houses. In the midst of this, but rising far above it, a shipwreck looms, the bottom beginning to be encrusted with grey barnacles, but the rest bright, sky blue, tinged with green and yellow, the mast crowned gold. Behind the ship are bold-faced words cut out of the grey sky. They read, "WE WILL NOT BE SHIPWRECKED ON A VAIN REALITY", and through them one can see the earth, shining in the middle of space, the sun rising across it.

Image description: The ocean, pleading.